Wordless Wednesday: Taylor Siblings Enjoy Christmas 1959

Well, almost wordless . . .

Christmastime was a special time of the year in my home. The Taylor siblings enjoyed Christmas and these photos from 1959 reflect just that!

Mom said if she ever needed to find one of us in the house during the holidays,  all she had to do was go into the living room to find us playing, sitting, or laying down under the Christmas tree — LOL!

Elgin & Liv
Elgin & Liv lying under the Christmas tree, 1959.
This was my very first Christmas and as you can tell the lights fascinated me.


Jon all smiles while sitting near the Christmas tree, 1959

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: Santa Claus

Visit with Santa 1957

Elgin & Jon visits Santa in 1957

It’s Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2011 and today’s featured topic is – Santa Claus! Did you ever send a letter to Santa? Did you ever visit Santa and “make a list?” Do you still believe in Santa Claus?

The concept of Santa Claus was a very BIG DEAL in my home during Christmas time. I had the pleasure of asking my brothers what they remember about Santa Claus, and this is what they had to say:

Elgin: I didn’t ever send Santa a letter, but I did enjoy visiting him when he came to town at our local department store. I truly believe it was the surprise element surrounding him that made believing in him a lot of fun. No, I don’t still believe in Santa today; I stopped believing in him at age 10.

Jon: No I didn’t write any letters or make any wish lists to Santa. I simply waited until I was able to sit on his lap and tell him what I wanted up close and personal. I really tried my best to stay awake to catch him in action, but whenever I would dose off for what felt like minutes, he would slip in and out of our home in record time. No, I no longer believe in Santa. I stopped believing in him when I turned 10.

Visit with Santa 1961

Liv visits Santa in 1961

For me just the thought that Santa was making a list , checking it twice to find out if I had been naughty or nice (yes I could be quite naughty at times) was probably enough to keep me on my best behavior  the whole month of December — LOL!! Like my brothers, I don’t recall sending letters to Santa either. And if truth be told, I wasn’t all that pleased to tell him anything I wanted for Christmas the first time I met him in 1961 – ROFL!!!

But it wasn’t long before the concept of Santa Claus began to stay with me and the thought of sitting on his lap telling him what I wanted for Christmas wasn’t so bad after all for me by 1962! I remember always staying up to see the 10 o’clock news report on Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas eve. Once they reported  when he was to arrive in the Houston area, I would hurry to bed because I couldn’t wait to see what goodies he would bring me on Christmas day . . . woo-hoo!

Visit with Satnat 1962

Liv visits Santa 1962

It seems one thing my brothers and I have in common is that we came to the realization that there was no Santa by the age of 10. Was I disappointed to learn there was no Santa? I was at first, but my disappointment didn’t last very long because the real reason for the season – the birth of Jesus Christ – became my family’s focus with our giving and celebrating Christmas with family and friends each and every year!

Wordless Wednesday: The Taylor Siblings

Well, almost wordless . . . Meet the Taylor Siblings!

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The Taylor Siblings are Elgin, Jon, and Me! Yeah, I was being cantankerous as a little sister could be that day. All I know is that I didn’t want to sit down and be still for the camera and I didn’t mind letting the men in my life know it too- LOL! Dad took this photo of us during the month of May in 1961, as we sat on the front lawn of our first home at 4314 Stonewall Street in the Greater 5th Ward area of Houston, TX.

As I look closer at this photo, I begin to realize that though a lot has changed in my old neighborhood since 1961, some things did stay the same. One thing that did stay the same is the white house across the street from us in the photo above. That house, built in 1927, belonged to Mr. Phillip Flakes then and now! I don’t know if he still lives in the house today, or uses it as rental property; what I do know is that the house is still there — painted a bright shade of pink (see photo below)!

Stonewall Street, Houston, Texas

What has changed is where my brothers and I are sitting. We’re siting exactly where the  Fifth Ward Church of Christ is located today (see below)!

5th Ward Church of Christ