Happy New Year, Claiming Kin Turns 3!

Happy New Year!

It is officially January 1, 2014  and  today, Claiming Kin Turns 3!

January 1

That’s right! I’ve been blogging about all things “genealogy” for 3 years today!

If I tell you these three years have gone by in a flash, you better believe it. It just doesn’t seem like I’ve been blogging very long; especially since I blog more when time allows than everyday. But I’ve been blogging and interacting with the genealogy community online more than I realize. To date, I have a total of  — 162 posts (including this one) and 542 comments (with 78 being pings & trackbacks). That’s 69.1% more posts and 80% more comments than the number of posts and comments I had at the close of my first year in 2011. So in light of these percentages I say  . . . it’s time to . . .

C E L E B R A T E!!

Special thanks and lots of LOVE goes out to all my family for their contributions to our family tree, this blog, and online family photo album. I am honored that you trust me to be “the keeper” of precious family photos and documents as I preserve them for future generations of our family!

I send virtual (((((hugs & well wishes)))) to all my genealogy friends who visit this blog and interact with me regularly. THANK YOU! I appreciate your friendship, guidance, and support very much and wish you and yours a —

Happy New Year!